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Clinique Blush in Sunset Glow ,Sleek Blush in Flamingo, Mac Mineralize Blush in Love Thing, Mac blush in Easy Manner, Estee Lauder cream blush in Mauve Light

A blush is a must have in my makeup bag. Be it a everyday pink colour, a summer coral, an out there hot pink or a deep mauve. I need to have one for every occasion and trust me once you try them, you’ll know exactly how I feel. I was a strictly only bronzer person but I’m slowly converting into a blush hoarder. Keep reading and you might end up where I am.Why does one need a blush?
Blush is the easiest pick me up as far as makeup goes. A fresh swipe of blush and your makeup can look like it was just done. I love that natural flush look, so a soft pink blush is something you’d always find in my makeup bag! If you’re using a cream blush, you can even double it up as a lip colour.

How to apply?
This is probably the easiest product as far as application goes. All you need to do is smile and apply the colour to the apples of your cheeks using a blush brush or your fingers(in the case of cream blush). Now if the colour you’re using is a very natural one or a soft pink you can apply it generously but if you’re using a deeper/brighter colour, make sure to use a less dense brush, hold the brush handle midway and apply the colour softly. This will make sure that you don’t apply too much and you can of course build it up as per your desire.

What to keep in mind when buying Blushes?
There are two types of blushes available in the market- the Powder blush and the Cream blush. A powder blush is easy to apply and re-apply. Powder blushes blend easily and stay on for a decent amount of time. Cream blushes require some blending but look much more natural than a powder blush and they last longer too! So if you’re someone who can’t be bothered to touch up thorough the day, cream blush will save you. And if you’re looking for even more longevity, then layering your powder blush over your cream blush will do the trick!

A lot of blushes contain shimmer. I steer clear of the shimmery blushes for the day time. So when you’re on the look out for a day time blush, I suggest you get a matte one. Shimmer blushes are perfect for the night time!

As far as choosing colours goes, again knowing your skin type is a must. If you’re pale skinned go for softer pinks to give you that natural flush. If you’re in the medium zone, which is 80% of us, a deep mauve or dusky pink are the best suited. But being the lucky one, you can even pull off a coral or hot pink, just be careful to not over do it. As for the darker skin tones, oranges and mauves are your best friends while staying away from milky pinks is a must for you. 

What do I recommend and use?
My favorite blush colour is Expresso by Nyx. It’s the perfect matte dusky rose pink and looks gorgeous on my skin. I even love Mac’s Mineralize blushes and my favourite is Love Thing but because it’s a deeper colour with shimmer, I only bring it out during the night. Ben Nye’s cream blush is Coral is a staple in my summer makeup bag. I recently discovered Estee Lauder’s Cream blush in Mauve Light and it’s a colour I’ve been using since! If you’re looking for a gorgeous everyday soft pink then Mac’s Easy Manner is the thing for you.
So next time you’re at the mall, make sure to swatch these colours! Who knows you might find your next favourite!

I hope this post helped you! These are the products that I have tried and personally like! Feel free to tell me what your favourite products are! If you have any other questions, you can comment below or Facebook or Tweet them to me.

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