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Back in April, I was whisked away to an enthralling property nestled in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by nature and complete zen. When I think of the brand Jo Malone London, that exact same feeling is what surrounds me. Jo Malone London is a brand I was first introduced to years ago, by some of my favourite YouTubers and my very first store visit was about 5 years ago in Dubai. It’s a brand that let’s you enjoy luxury even in the smallest way and my Jo Malone London products are my vanity favourites. Be it the array of scents, the luxurious body creams or even the packaging, every aspect of the brand sways you towards it. So when I found out that the reason for our 2 day getaway was to experience the brand first hand, I immediately agreed!
We stayed at the gorgeous Amanbagh and every time I stepped out of the room, I was led to a captivating sight! The elaborate dinner set ups, the spectacular life size scent themed Jo Malone  London boxes, the unforgetable sunrise Safari and the never ending hospitality by the brand, made this an experience to remember! Apart from all this, we also learnt so much about how the team comes up with the inspiration for the unique fragrances and how mixing them is an art most people are unaware of. For me, I love layering my scents as it gives me the feeling of wearing an unique fragrance. But Jo Malone London forced me to take one step further and mix scents not just using perfumes but even your lotions and body washes! My favourite combination was the Woodsage & Seasalt body creme mixed with Myrah & Tonka cologne and finishing of with a walk through in the Peony & Blush suede! Boy did that smell heavenly. A few of my other favourites are the Pomegranate Noir & the Lime, Basil & Mandarin scents!
Jo Malone London has a wide variety of products, ranging from candles to body cremes to colognes to bath oils! The best part is, if you really love a scent, you can get pretty much every product to match and be surrounded by that fragrance all through the day! They recently opened their very first store in India at The Palladium Mall in Mumbai & if you haven’t stepped in yet, I dare you to go in & come out without getting at least one thing or having a wish list down to your knee! And if you’re a Jo Malone London lover like me, do comment below and tell which are your absolute favourite scents! I’d love to try them out! And also a huge thank you to Jo Malone London, for hosting me & treating me nothing less than a princess.