Your style inevitably portrays your personality and moods. A White shirt resembles a clean slate to me.

Just like many of you, my life practically revolves around my phone. Be it checking & responding to emails, interacting on social media or even snapping pictures for my instagram, it’s all thanks to this one tool! So why not invest in a phone that is not only practical but stylish too? The new Sony Xperia T3 undoubtedly fits the bill.

When it comes to styling my hair, I naturally have a wavy texture which doesn’t always look great! So I do have to style my hair using either a blow dryer or a curler. This new Philips Kerashine Air Straightener, has been working wonderfully for me.

For someone like me who has an obsession with handbags and doesn’t mind adding to her collection every now & then, this seemed rather perfect. Which is why when I came across Confidential Couture, I was more than thrilled.