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Dress- Only, Sunglasses- Rayban, Bomber Jacket- Only, Slogan muscle tee- Only, Shoes- H&M

Well not like we need a reason to indulge in some retail therapy every now and then, but here are 13 reasons why you may need to rush to your nearest ONLY store!

1) With the crazy GST chaos, here’s your last chance to indulge in some retail therapy where you’re kind of getting some discount from the government too! Plus the prices at the Only sale are jaw dropping low.

2) A brand that stocks everything to fit the wardrobe of a college goer to a girl boss, you can find so many versatile pieces all under one roof!

3) ONLY denims are something I swear by and the array of variations they stock makes this the first aisle I always check during sale. And I swear I’ve never walked out unhappy or empty handed.

4) They have a small selection of workout wear too and if you’re looking to slay at the gym, here’s a chance to grab some stylish gym wear at a discount!

5) I always look for trendy pieces during sale and this year I’m focusing on the Slogan tee’s. And who does Slogan tee’s better than Only?

6) I’m pretty sure that no matter where you are, there is an Only store super close by! If not, just log on to to shop away!

7) They do so many limited edition collections and this year’s Garfield collection is on sale too!

8) I love accessories but at the rate at which I lose them, buying them in sale always seems like a good idea!

9) This metallic bomber jacket I’m wearing, I love finding such statement pieces at a discount! I know i’ll have it my close forever and I’ll always flaunt the fact that I got for a steal!

10) I know so many of you work 9-5 jobs and look forward to the weekend to let your hair down! This weekend visit the Only sale to upgrade that much loved weekend wardrobe of yours.

11) Because this is everything!

12)  I love lounging around at home and I’m certainly not the kinds to dress up every day! So i’m always on the look out for cute lounge wear and Only has some great ones!

13) My last reason is, time’s running. Shop before it’s all gone!